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ScanReach AS


ScanReach was founded in 2015 with the mission of developing affordable and user-friendly live lifesaving technologies for vessels and offshore installations, in particular for Personnel On-Board (POB) Control.

ScanReach has developed the world’s first wireless IoT platform for complex and confined steel environments (like the inside of vessels and rigs), enabling not only wireless POB control but all kinds of on-board IoT applications (e.g. wireless control of assets, equipment, room conditions and cargo).​ 


Connect wireless to people, equipment, assets, and cargo

In order to obtain connectivity, cabling has so far been the only option available for data transfer in large and complicated steel environments such as ships, offshore platforms, and large industry plants. Wireless data transfer has not been fully technically viable until ScanReach developed its smart wireless sensor technology and algorithms tailored for working in confined steel environments.​

​Delivered as a “plug and play” solution and can be easily installed by crew members during normal vessel operation. The system is wireless, with no cabling required between sensors.

​ConnectPOB for instant personnel on-board control (POB), allowing immediate and high precision rescue team involvement.

Addition to real-time location of personnel, ConnectPOB can be expanded to cover additional valuable services such as:


– Safety alarm on bracelet
– Virtual area barriers
– Area access control
– Area responsible support for work permits etc.
– «Man-over-Board»-functionality​

​In:Connect for instant wireless connectivity, enabling easy data harvesting and transfer in confined steel environments such as ships and rigs.

Fuel Consumption:

We deliver wireless instant fuel consumption monitoring.

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