Marine Inspections


​Cooperation Agreement for Mexico with Boatlabs AS.


BL4SEA is a service for remote inspections and surveys of all types of areas. With BL4SEA remote verification, you can do your survey without disrupting your operations in addition to benefiting from substantial cost savings.

It eliminates paperwork and offers easy and efficient completion directly on your tablet, and ensures that this work is automatically archived and updated at all times. Verification data will securely prove each operation according to relevant requirements and standards.


FMEA/ FMECA analysis for DP1, DP2 and DP3, supply vessels, AHTS, construction vessels, well intervention units, mobile offshore units, diving vessels, oil rigs, Crane, Winch, Tower, Gangway, Carousel, VLS, HLS, FDS, ROV etc.

FMEA Review, Verification, Addendum, GAP, FMEA Proving Trials, etc.

IMCA Annual DP Trials

IMCA CMID Inspections

DP Operation Manuals & Checklists (incl. ASOG, CAMO, TAM)

Incident Investigation

General consultancy work and advisory services

Stability Supervision & Services
Project Management.

Transit Planning and Attendance.

3rd Party Audits / Reviews.

On / Off Hire Surveys.




Language Services, Interpreters & translators


For companies and all personnel working or intending to work in the maritime field.

We are flexible and can offer customized training  according to your needs.

Language training is available at our facilities at your office or on board the vessel.


We provide language training in Spanish, English, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian & Faroese.

The ISF Marlins English Language Test for Seafarers allows ship operators to demonstrate that seafarers, of any nationality, have been assessed on their ability to communicate in English – a necessity that has been given additional emphasis by the ISM Code and the revised STCW Convention.

The Marlins English Language Test for Offshore Workers is set within the context of the oil and gas industry. However, it focuses on the ability to understand English as opposed to testing specialized technical skills. It is suitable for all nationalities and positions, regardless of whether they are based offshore or onshore.

The Marlins English Language Test for Cruise Ship Staff is tailored specifically for the Cruise Industry. The test is applicable to all marine hotel positions on board cruise ships and can be taken by any nationality in any location worldwide. Test questions have particular emphasis on staff / guest interactions and customer service within a multicultural environment.

The Marlins Test Of Spoken English (TOSE) provides the oral assessor with a standardized interview format for assessing the speaking and listening skills of all ranks and nationalities of seafarers.

Used as a stand-alone product, it provides a thorough assessment of the seafarer’s ability to understand and speak English.

Used in conjunction with online test, it provides you with a complete profile of the seafarer’s language proficiency.

Interpreter and Translator Services

Spanish, English, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian & Faroese.




Human Resources


Recruitment and temporary employment

Recruitment has an up-to-date pool of available maritime and offshore personnel for permanent or temporary employment. We find the best people for all types of roles, and we deliver a wide range of services as:


- Crewing for the maritime and offshore industry.

- Support of crew for Transit or temporary jobs.

- Employee Contracts.

- Job interview and check of employees.

- Job Description Template.

- Arranging Training Courses.

- Arranging Crew Changes.

- Travel Arrangements.

- Accommodation.





Maritime Consulting Services Mexico


Maritime Consulting Services Mexico includes every aspect of operating and managing a vessel safely, efficiently, and effectively according to shipowners' needs.

Follow all requirements of flag states, classes, charters, and ISM Code in accordance with the highest industry standards. We have good experience in the oil industry and regulations in Mexico.


Vessels monitoring:

Performance, operation, cargo handling, planned maintenance, repair, dry docking, certifications, budget, and crew.

Shipowner will have access to all reports and information regarding the daily operation.


We have high focus on Health, Safety, and Environment. (HSE)

ISM Code,  ISO 9001:2015,  ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 implemented.







Organization and management of ship repairs in Mexico.​

- Shipboard Maintenance.

- Preparation of specification.

- Planning and preparation of repair and docking at shipyard.

- Organization, follow up and implementation.

- Settlement of bill.

- Welding, fabrication, and steelwork installation.

- Ultra-High Pressure Water blasting and dry-grit blasting.

- Underwater Services.

Highly experienced painting and scaffolding team.

- Painting job executed with internationally recognized quality standards and excellent results.

- We provide approved scaffolding to our projects.  We work according to regulations, using appropriate equipment and PPE’s, ensuring safe work conditions.

Commissioning services as:

Consulting and Supervision, Punch list coordination, HSE and permit to work coordination.