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Marine Inspections


Boatlabs AS.


BL4SEA is a service for remote inspections and surveys of all types of areas. With BL4SEA remote verification, you can do your survey without disrupting your operations in addition to benefiting from substantial cost savings.

It eliminates paperwork and offers easy and efficient completion directly on your tablet, and ensures that this work is automatically archived and updated at all times. Verification data will securely prove each operation according to relevant requirements and standards.


FMEA/ FMECA analysis for DP1, DP2 and DP3, supply vessels, AHTS, construction vessels, well intervention units, mobile offshore units, diving vessels, oil rigs, Crane, Winch, Tower, Gangway, Carousel, VLS, HLS, FDS, ROV etc.

FMEA Review, Verification, Addendum, GAP, FMEA Proving Trials, etc.

IMCA Annual DP Trials

IMCA CMID Inspections

DP Operation Manuals & Checklists (incl. ASOG, CAMO, TAM)

Incident Investigation

General consultancy work and advisory services

Stability Supervision & Services
Project Management.

Transit Planning and Attendance.

3rd Party Audits / Reviews.

On / Off Hire Surveys.

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