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A number of courses in the library are STCW accredited by the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA), and several are in the process of being accredited by certification body DNV. As a company, Mintra is a DNV Approved Maritime Training Provider, has management systems approved by Bureau Veritas and is accredited by organisations including the LPI, ECITB, OPITO, CPD and RoSPA.

Our maritime eLearning library covers a wide range of safety, regulatory, operational and technical subjects, broken down into rank and job role from deck officers to galley staff. There are also soft skills courses to support the abilities which are growing in demand given smaller crews and increased automation. The courses were created in reference to the industry standards and in close consultation with a team of maritime experts, all with decades of subject matter experience, from marine electrical engineers to deck officers.

2: Maritime Operations - 37 courses

Banksman and Slinger
Anchoring - Operational Safety
Ballast Water Management
Basic Low Flash Point Fuel (LFF) according the the IGF code
Bulker Operations - Hatch Covers Inpsection and Maintenance
Chemical tanker operations - Basic
Compressed Air
Container Lashing and Inspection
Corrosion Prevention
Deck Machinery - Operation and Maintenance
Emergency Towing system
Galley Equipment Safety
Gas Carrier Operations - Basic
Gas Carrier Operations - Cargo Cooling Systems
Gas Carriers Operations – Low Temperature Insulation
Gas Detection and Measurement
Gas Measurement
Heavy Weather - Preparation

IMSBC Code – International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargo Code
LNG Operations - Bunkering
Manual Handling
Mastering Daily Navigation
Mooring Safety
Potable Water
Protection and Indemnity Awareness
Radar Introduction
Rescue and Fast Rescue Boat - Launch and Operations
Safe Navigation in Confined Waters

Ship Stability - Statical Stability
Ship Stability -Introduction
Tank Cleaning & Wall Wash
Tanker Operations - Cargo
Tanker Operations - Pre-transfer / Liquid Cargo
Tanker Operations - Ship to Ship Transfer
Tanker Operations -Bunkering
Advanced Low Flash Point Fuel (LFF) according to the IGF code



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