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A number of courses in the library are STCW accredited by the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA), and several are in the process of being accredited by certification body DNV. As a company, Mintra is a DNV Approved Maritime Training Provider, has management systems approved by Bureau Veritas and is accredited by organisations including the LPI, ECITB, OPITO, CPD and RoSPA.

Our maritime eLearning library covers a wide range of safety, regulatory, operational and technical subjects, broken down into rank and job role from deck officers to galley staff. There are also soft skills courses to support the abilities which are growing in demand given smaller crews and increased automation. The courses were created in reference to the industry standards and in close consultation with a team of maritime experts, all with decades of subject matter experience, from marine electrical engineers to deck officers.

3: Maritime Rules and Regulations - 40 courses

Cargo Ship Security Instructions (CSSI) Module 1
Cargo Ship Security Instructions (CSSI) Module 2
COLREGS -Best Navigational Practices
COLREGS General -Fast Track (test competence up front)
Crisis and Crowd Management -Passenger vessels
Crowd and Crisis Management
ECDIS -Practices and Port State Control Inspections
Garbage Record Book
German Shipping Law
IMO Conventions and Codes
International Ship and Port Security (ISPS)
Introduction to ISO 14001 and Environmental Management
Introduction to the ISM code
ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety

Master’s Guide to the UK Flag
MLC 2006 Advanced
MLC 2006 Awareness
MLC 2006 Management

Norwegian Maritime Rules and Regulations (STCW 1/10.2)
Oil Record Book
Onboard Assessor (STCW A-I/6)
Onboard Waste Reduction
Personnel and Baggage Search
Piracy and Armed Robbery
Polar Code -Basic
Polar Waters Operations Manual -Vessel Familiarisation
Prevention of Marine Spills (SOPEP)
Ship Energy Efficiency Management -Familiarization

Ship Security Officer (SSO) (STCW A-VI/5)
Ship Security training for crew with DesginatedSecurity Duties (STCW A-VI/6-2)
Ship Security training for crew without Designated Security Duties (STCW A-VI/6-1)
SIGTTO Competency Standards
The ISM Code -Safety Management System
TMSA inspections onboard
Transportation of Dangerous goods by sea
UK Legal and Administrative Processes (UKLAP Grade 2)
Yacht Masters Guide to UK Flag

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