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A number of courses in the library are STCW accredited by the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA), and several are in the process of being accredited by certification body DNV. As a company, Mintra is a DNV Approved Maritime Training Provider, has management systems approved by Bureau Veritas and is accredited by organisations including the LPI, ECITB, OPITO, CPD and RoSPA.

Our maritime eLearning library covers a wide range of safety, regulatory, operational and technical subjects, broken down into rank and job role from deck officers to galley staff. There are also soft skills courses to support the abilities which are growing in demand given smaller crews and increased automation. The courses were created in reference to the industry standards and in close consultation with a team of maritime experts, all with decades of subject matter experience, from marine electrical engineers to deck officers.

5: Maritime Systems and Technologies - 47 courses

AIS -Automatic Identification Systems
Auxiliary Boiler Plant
Auxiliary Generators
ChartWorld eGlobe G2, ECDIS type specific
Coatings -Preparation and Application
Consilium ECDIS (Selesmar ECDIS), ECDIS type specific
Consilium ECDIS G2, ECDIS type specific
ConsiliumS-ECDIS (Standard ECDIS), ECDIS type
Diesel Engines and Lubricants
Digital Governor Systems
ECDIS Basics
ECDIS Training for Maritime Pilots
E-ORB maritime Software (Oil Record Book)
FSE High and Low Voltage

FSE High Voltage
FSE Low Voltage
IMTECH SeaGuide, ECDIS type specific
Introduction to Fuel Systems
Introduction to Hydraulics
Introduction to PordCDM
Introduction to Pumps
Introduction to Scrubbers

JRC JAN 901B/701B/2000, ECDIS type specific
JRC JAN 9201/7201, ECDIS type specific
Kelvin Hughes Manta Digital ECDIS, ECDIS type specific
Lubrication systems
Martek Marine iECDIS, ECDIS type specific
Mechanical Isolations
NG Sperry Marine Vision Master FT, ECDIS type specific
NG Sperry Marine VisionMaster FT -Chinese, ECDIS type specific
Oil Separators
ORCA Master G2, ECDIS type specific
Paint and Coatings -Inventory and Storage

Pressure and Leak Testing
Raytheon AnschützSynapsis ECDIS NX, ECDIS type specific
Raytheon AnschützSynapsis ECDIS, ECDIS type specific
SIMRADE5024, ECDIS type specific
SimradMaris ECDIS900, ECDIS type specific
Skysails Vessel Performance Manager (V-PER)
Steering Gear
Tokyo Keiki EC-8100/8600, ECDIS type specific
TransasNavi-Sailor 4000, ECDIS type specific
Type-Specific ECDIS Refresher Training Course
Vessel Structural Conditions
WärtsiläCHARTPILOT, ECDIS Type specific

WärtsiläSAM ECDISPILOTPlatinum, ECDIS Type specific

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