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E-Learning Courses



A number of courses in the library are STCW accredited by the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA), and several are in the process of being accredited by certification body DNV. As a company, Mintra is a DNV Approved Maritime Training Provider, has management systems approved by Bureau Veritas and is accredited by organisations including the LPI, ECITB, OPITO, CPD and RoSPA.

Our maritime eLearning library covers a wide range of safety, regulatory, operational and technical subjects, broken down into rank and job role from deck officers to galley staff. There are also soft skills courses to support the abilities which are growing in demand given smaller crews and increased automation. The courses were created in reference to the industry standards and in close consultation with a team of maritime experts, all with decades of subject matter experience, from marine electrical engineers to deck officers.


Business, Communication and Management - 50 courses

Achievement Drive
Anti-corruption and anti-bribery
Anti-Kidnap Awareness Training
Armed Attacker -what do you do?
Assertive Communication Skills
Behaviour Based Safety
Cargo Ship Security Instructions (CSSI) Module 3
Code of Conduct
Cognitive Skills Seafarer Information Ordering Training
Cognitive Skills Seafarer Memorization Training
Cognitive Skills Seafarer Problem Sensitivity Training
Cognitive Skills Seafarer Spatial Orientation Training
Cognitive Skills Seafarer Visualization Training
Conflict Management
Conflict Zone Threat Assessment for NGOs

Coping Under Pressure Seafarer Coordination Training
Coping Under Pressure Seafarer Decision-Making Training
Coping Under Pressure Seafarer Perseverance Training
Coping Under Pressure Seafarer Resilience Training
Coping Under Pressure Seafarer Self-Control Training
Corporate Social Responsibility -CSR
Corrective Feedback
Crew Evaluation Test -Basic
Cultural Awareness
Cyber-Security Awareness
Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Policy
Fatigue Management
Harassment and Bullying
Health and Lifestyle

Human Factors
IMCG (Previously eTots Intertanko)
Impulse Control and Anger Management
Interpersonal Skills Seafarer Assertiveness Training
Interpersonal Skills Seafarer Negotiation Training
Interpersonal Skills Seafarer Social Skills Training
Listening Skills and Understanding Others
Lone Worker Awareness Training
Management of Change
Maritime English Test for Deck Ratings (BEGINNER)

Maritime English Test for Engine Ratings (BEGINNER)
Maritime English Test for Junior Deck Officers (INTERMEDIATE)
Maritime English Test for Junior Engine Officers (INTERMEDIATE)
Maritime English Test for Senior Deck Officers (ADVANCED)
Maritime English Test for Senior Engine Officers (ADVANCED)
Maritime Leadership
Mental Health
Personal Hygiene
Personal Safety and Human Relations
Safety on Campus -A Guide for Students
Self-Management Seafarer Achievement Striving Training
Self-Management Seafarer Dependability Training
Self-Management Seafarer Flexibility Training
Self-Management Seafarer Openness to Experience Training
Self-Management Seafarer Self-Sufficiency Training

Social Media Awareness
Soft and cognitive assessments (Psycometric Assessment) as per TMSA guidelines VIRSECMaritime English for Seafarers & Deck Officers -Test

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